Mint on Low-Cost Computing and Novatium

Wednesday’s Mint had a front-page story on low-cost computing which discussed Novatium and quoted me:

Novatium says its services are primarily targeted at 45-50 million first-time computer users or cybercafe goers who don’t have a computer at home and can use this with the ease of an appliance.

Countering the arguments that netPC is after all not cheap, Rajesh Jain, co-founder of Novatium and founder, managing director of Netcore Solutions Pvt. Ltd, says this device aims at changing the concept of computing itself. “You can’t take a computer and sell it cheaply.”

Novatium’s Jain, too, thinks these products and services should thrive independent of government support. He has a value-added-services road map for the Nova NetPC, but admits that the road is ridden with challenges.

“We need to get into a large number of services, create newer mechanisms for micro-billing…something akin to Apple’s App Store where others can start offering services for as little as Rs10-20 and create new revenue streams,” Jain says.

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