Blog Past: Letter to Arun Shourie

This is the time when Political Party Manifestos and IT Vision documents are getting published. It reminded me of the time five years ago when I wrote a letter to the then Minister of IT and Telecom.

India stands on the cusp of a revolution. There is optimism all-round and in certain quarters, even fear of the growing prowess of India. This is a good start, but only the first step in what is a long journey. This is an opportunity for change and growth that we in India can simply not afford to lose. There are a billion dreams at stake.

So, these are my suggestions to you. The goal is not to find fault with what is happening. Rather, it is to provide specific inputs so that you and your government can continue to catalyse the positive forces that have been unleashed in the marketplace.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.