Blog Past: Massputers, Redux

I wrote this series about five years ago:

Affordable $100-200 computers is just one dimension for attracting the next users of computing. What is needed is a fundamental reinvention of the computing architecture and business model. The IT majors are reluctant to do this because it threatens to be disruptive to their business. And that is where the real opportunity lies for innovators.

There is no doubting the need for computers in emerging markets. A digital infrastructure can help these nations address the pain points that plague personal life and business interactions better. For example, if India needs to ensure education for the 200 million youth of the country, computers can complement teachers to help students learn better. Computers can make businesses into real-time enterprises and thus make supply chains more efficient. Computing can help governments interact better with citizens. Even entertainment can be transformed with the availability of Massputers.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.