Elections 2009: A Unique Experience — Part 2: Friends’ Progress

What were our beliefs in “Friends of BJP”? Here is a summary:

  • Activate and Engage Educated Civil Society
  • Middle India is India’s largest votebank and the most neglected “minority”
  • We do not support or agree with the party line on every  issues
  • Over time, we can make a difference in 120+ urban constituencies
  • An opportunity to “Reclaim the Successful” and Modernise the Party
  • Beyond the Elections: Thought Leadership and Watchdog
  • Bring about change, not over generations but within a few election cycles

How has our progress been?

  • 20+ public meetings attended by over 25,000 people across India
  • Another 15-20 meetings planned in next 3 weeks
  • Our Website is the second largest political website in India after LKAdvani.in, in terms of traffic
  • More than 50K people have visited the website
  • Over 50K have opted in to receive updates on SMS and Email
  • Website gets 100+ comments daily (with a total so far of nearly 4,000)
  • Website has 2-3 new articles published daily
  • Over 5,000 have volunteered through website and the public meetings
  • Links to articles, SMSes and Emails are constantly being forwarded
  • Also present on Facebook, Orkut, Twitter and YouTube
  • Almost all growth has been viral / word-of-mouth
  • Hundreds of small meetings being organised nationally
  • Manifesto inputs provided (and some incorporated)

Not bad for what started out from a conversation between a couple people just about three months ago.  hmmessage P { margin:0px; padding:0px } body.hmmessage { font-size: 10pt; font-family:Verdana } We may be able to make only a small difference this election, but I think we have set in motion a movement that will be unstoppable – and can make a fundamental difference in improving India’s polity and governance in the next decade.

Tomorrow: Writings

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Rajesh Jain

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