News and Current Affairs Magazines

India has a variety of current affairs magazines which make for good reading to get the background into the political landscape. There are the market leaders, India Today and Outlook. Then, there is The Week, with its more youthful tinge. I don’t get to see Frontline much in Mumbai. Two interesting ones are Tehelka and The Caravan — they tend to have stories one is not likely to read elsewhere. A new weekly has joined the crowd, Open.

I like the magazines because they tend to give more perspective into the happenings. TV has become too soundbitish and repetitive, while the newspapers have to focus on the here and now. That leaves magazines with a good space to fill.

I don’t have favourities in this lot — there is no standout. What I like is the diversity of options available.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.