Weekend Reading

This week’s reading:

  • Mobile 2.0:Design for the iPhone and Beyond: A presentation by Brian Fling (via Vinu).
  • The Secrets of Great Teamwork: An interview with Tim O’Reilly in Forbes. “When people feel like somebody else is telling them what to do, there’s going to be resistance. If they think it’s what they themselves want, then they sign right up.”
  • Megacities threaten to choke India: from Wall Street Journal. “Of growing concern are the country’s teeming new megacities, which are swelling rapidly even as jobs dry up and funding for infrastructure disappears.”
  • Cellphones in India: from New York Times. “Sometimes a technology comes along and crystallizes a cultural moment. Not since Americans and their automobiles in the 1950s, perhaps, have a people and a technology wedded as happily as Indians and their cellphones — small and big, vibrating and tringing, BlackBerry and plain vanilla.”
  • Remaking State Bank of India: A fascinating interview on SBI’s transformation with SBI chairman OP Bhatt in Mckinsey Quarterly. “If you look at any transformational effort at any institution across the world, most of the things people have done are common sense. There is no magic to it. The secret is how you do it, how you build a team, and how you build consensus around what you’re doing. Only then are you able to execute your plan. I had a vision for the bank, but I needed to communicate it.”

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