Noisy Shatabdi

I recently took the Shatabdi Express from Mumbai to Surat. Given that this is one of India’s most prestigious train services, I would have thought they would take greater care of the customer experience. I was wrong.

They have installed these LCD TVs all over the Air-conditioned Chair Car compartments. First came yesterday’s news from CNBC, then a recorded version of Dance India that never seemed to get over, then some silly humour program from Zee Next. In between come the garish, tacky ads that show up again and again.  There is absolutely no way to escape the audio stream. It is loud, ubiquitous and continuous.

As a customer, I am paying a premium to travel in the Chair Car.  And then to be subjected to this kind of noise is just not done. I can understand the Railways wanting to make some more money – but not at the cost of upsetting your premium customers.

PS: I came back in the silence of the A/C Chair Car of the Surat-Bandra Inter-City.  It was a much better ride overall, even though it takes longer.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.