Looking Forward to the Vacation

I am looking forward to the London vacation next week. It will give me five days with Abhishek. Bhavana is also thrilled because it will give me five days with Abhishek.

Abhishek is at that age when he is full of questions and has to know everything that’s going on. So, there is a lot we can talk about. And these conversations end up going in any direction. This will also probably be the first vacation he will remember when he is older. (We have been to the US, Dubai and Singapore but all of them happened in his second and third years.)

London, for all practical purposes, is a city I barely know — unlike, say, New York. So, there is a delight of discovery that will be there for me, too. Until Abhishek came along, most of my vacations were filled with work and meetings. So, I am looking forward now to a real vacation. And so is Bhavana!

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.