Day International Flight Departures

I will write about my London vacation next week. I wanted to first share the joy of not taking a flight out of India in the middle of the night!

We took the 12:55 pm Jet Airways flight to London. For the first time ever, I did not end up being groggy eyed by the time I boarded the aircraft. We reached London at 5:45 pm local time, and the hotel at 7:15 pm. We had a good sleep, and were completely fresh the next morning. Yes, we theoretically lost a day in travel, but when one is on vacation, it doesn’t matter! Also, there as no jet lag that we encountered because of the day flight. So, all in all, I quite liked the fact that we now have a choice of airlines that will leave at ‘earthly’ times from Mumbai for international destinations.

On our return, we took the 9:30 am Jet flight from London which was scheduled to arrive in Mumbai at 10:50 pm local time — it ended up landing at 11:30 pm because of a delayed departure and hovering over Mumbai due to congestion. Again, it ensured that there was no jet lag since we got a good night’s sleep on our return home.

For the record, we (Bhavana, Abhishek and I) flew Economy class both ways.  Very comfortable. Jet also has very good inflight entertainment opportunities so it is quite easy to pass time. And we had Abhishek for entertainment, too!

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