Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • Searching for Scarcity: from Forbes.  “What is the scarcity that U2, the organic farmer and MIT are leveraging, and what does it tell us about our world?”
  • A Letter to Aalisha:by Atanu Dey. “My friend Salil Naik asked me to write a letter to his daughter on her birthday.”
  • Facebook vs Google: in Wired.”Today, the Google-Facebook rivalry isn’t just going strong, it has evolved into a full-blown battle over the future of the Internet—its structure, design, and utility.”
  • Web 2.0 Five Years On: by Tim O’Reilly and John Battelle. “The Web is no longer a collection of static pages of HTML that describe something in the world. Increasingly, the Web is the world – everything and everyone in the world casts an ‘information shadow,’ an aura of data which, when captured and processed intelligently, offers extraordinary opportunity and mind bending implications. Web Squared is our way of exploring this phenomenon and giving it a name.”
  • Ageing Populations: A special report in The Economist.”Age is creeping up on the world, and any moment now it will begin to show. The consequences will be scary.”

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