Nokia E71 Problem

I am having a peculiar problem with the E71 that I bought a couple months ago.

The phone automatically restarts almost continuously, making it impossible to use. If I put it in the Offline mode, then the restarts stop (but I cannot use it then). The restarts have  been happening often at random over the past month or so, and since yesterday, constantly.

I checked on the Net — many people seem to have faced the problem, but no clear solution has been outlined.

Any suggestions?

This is quite disappointing coming on a Nokia phone. It is the second successive Nokia product that I have bought that has had problems. The N80 I bought 3 years ago had an issue with its SMS app after a certain number of SMSes had beens sent — it would take a minute to send an SMS. That required an upgrade of the SMS app.

(In between, I used the iPhone for 2 years and that was a wonderful experience till the iPhone sensors on the screen stopped working.)

UPDATE 1: I visited “The Mobile Store” from where I had bought the phone, and they think it is a SIM problem (“voltage mismatch”), and so have asked me to go to Vodafone and get the SIM changed. Let’s see what happens. It is the same SIM that I have been using for 3+ years!

UPDATE 2: I got the SIM replaced, and that seems to have fixed the problem. It took Vodafone 6+ hours to get the SIM activated after they gave it to me (I was told 2 hours). I’d have thought by now this would have been standard operating procedure! Anyways,  problem fixed (I hope). There must be a good technical explanation as to what caused the SIM to go awry and cause the phone to get restarting.

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