Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • Policy Brief on Higher Education in India: by Atanu Dey. “Capacity expansion in higher education and increasing the production of diverse human capital requires the sector to be liberalized so that private sector can participate in growing the human resources that are needed for economic growth. The increased capacity is needed for providing equality of access and opportunity for the tens of millions of Indians who are capable of being highly educated. Public funding must be directed only to those parts of the higher education sector that would not be funded privately.”
  • The Rise of Consumer SaaS: by Will Price. “Today, ‘freemium’ is on the rise and there are great teams across the valley working to monetize via micro-payments and subscriptions.”
  • True Grit Matters: by John McKinley. “In a world where we celebrate everything in a child’s life, the real lessons of hard work, persistent, and long-term payoff are often overlooked.”
  • Freemium and Freeconomics: by Fred Wilson. “Free gets you to a place where you can ask to get paid. But if you don’t start with free on the Internet, most companies will never get paid.”
  • Search Me: from Technology Review. Inside the launch of Stephen Wolfram’s new “computational knowledge engine.”

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