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This week’s links:

  • The “Free” Business Model: by Bill Gurley. “If a disruptive competitor can offer a product or service similar to yours for ‘free,’ and if they can make enough money to keep the lights on, then you likely have a problem.”
  • Apple, RIM Outsmart Phone Market: from The Wall Street Journal. “Apple and BlackBerry’s Research In Motion…accounted for only 3% of all cellphones sold in the world last year but 35% of operating profits, according to Deutsche Bank analyst Brian Modoff. The disparity will become even starker this year when, he estimates, the two will take 5% of the market in unit terms but 58% of total operating profits.”
  • India 2039: An affluent society in one generation: An Asian Development Bank report.
  • The 2009 Shift Index: by John Hagel and John Seely Brown. “Wouldn’t it be better, we asked ourselves, if we could somehow quantify this Big Shift, and find a way to measure the rate and magnitude of the long-term changes happening in this epochal time?  And so began the pursuit of developing the 2009 Shift Index.”

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