New Delhi Airport Terminal

My last two visits to Delhi have both been on Indigo Airlines (to and fro). I have been impressed with their punctuality and fares. Only one of the flights was delayed by about 30+ mins. They tend to be quite focused on ensuring a quick start – sometimes moving out a few minutes before the scheduled time. (I also took Indigo to and from Banaglore – which makes it six flights on them in a row.)

The new Delhi terminal is very impressive. Plenty of check-in counters, shops, departure gates and food outlets.  And yet, when it comes to boarding, I still cannot understand why we are bus-ed around. Couldn’t they have made aerobridges? (The same is true for Mumbai also.) Or, maybe it was the lack of space that prevented them doing so. Anyway, it is a good start – we have been 30 years behind the world with our airports, and are now only 20 years behind.

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Rajesh Jain

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  1. Hi Rajesh,

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  2. The same “state of the art” airport leaked day before yesterday; so much so, the X Ray Scanners were put out of order. The local newspaper even quoted some unnamed official who insisted that this was because of poor quality of construction.
    I have been there to Delhi airport and wasn’t terribly impressed with the new construction. It was slightly better AND cleaner than Railway station, though.

  3. Just to mention, the current new delhi airport terminal is temporary – it’ll all get replaced when they launch the new integrated international-cum-domestic airterminal T3 reveals next year. And aero-bridges cost money to be put into a temporary terminal. Maybe that’s why. (and maybe that’s why for the leaking roofs too 😉 )

  4. hi everyone
    come march-2010 terminal 3 at igi will be will be one of the biggest terminals in asia. and the best in the will have 75 aerobridges and 8 of those will be good enough to handle the mammoth will also be linked directly with the delhi metro and will boast all world class services which will make our country proud .

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