New Delhi Airport Terminal

My last two visits to Delhi have both been on Indigo Airlines (to and fro). I have been impressed with their punctuality and fares. Only one of the flights was delayed by about 30+ mins. They tend to be quite focused on ensuring a quick start – sometimes moving out a few minutes before the scheduled time. (I also took Indigo to and from Banaglore – which makes it six flights on them in a row.)

The new Delhi terminal is very impressive. Plenty of check-in counters, shops, departure gates and food outlets.  And yet, when it comes to boarding, I still cannot understand why we are bus-ed around. Couldn’t they have made aerobridges? (The same is true for Mumbai also.) Or, maybe it was the lack of space that prevented them doing so. Anyway, it is a good start – we have been 30 years behind the world with our airports, and are now only 20 years behind.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.