Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • The Pushbutton Economy: by Anil Dash. “Pushbutton is a name for what I believe will be an upgrade for the web, where any site or application can deliver realtime messages to a web-scale audience, using free and open technologies at low cost and without relying on any single company like Twitter or Facebook.”
  • Design, Speed and Purpose: by Richard Karlgaard in Forbes. “The best CEOs–the ones that endure and thrive–are often the ones that disproportionately spend their energies in three areas: design, speed and purpose.”
  • Wired cover on Personal Scenario Planning: “The goal is to envision possible futures, which will serve as guideposts to the path forward. The payoff is a clearer view of what the future may hold and of the most advantageous route through it.”
  • Silicon Valley Survivor: from the Wall Street Journal, on Cisco and its CEO John  Chambers, by Michael Malone. “…While other firms are hunkering down and trying to survive, networking giant Cisco Systems ($130 billion market value, $40 billion in annual sales) continues to stride forward.”
  • How to Save the Mobile Web: by John Pettengill. A presentation full of ideas.

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