Health Check-up

My doctor sister is very insistent that I have an annual check-up. Having crossed 40 a couple years ago, she says that a simple but detailed blood test can reveal things which may be wrong early and therefore lead to corrective measures. So, that’s what I got done a few days ago – after a gap of a couple years.

The result is a slight concern on the cholesterol levels (high) and the B12 level (low). She has recommended corrective action on both fronts in the form of medication. I asked her what changed in two years. Her answer: “It is a combination of aging, heredity, diet and inactivity.” Only the last two things are what we can alter. My diet is quite controlled so there probably isn’t that much room for change. But the inactivity part is something we all can do something about. As we grow older, we need to do more exercise (brisk walking, running, weights, swimming, whatever).

I am sharing this since most of the people who have crossed 40 recently don’t tend to give too much attention to the health front. Outwardly, nothing seems to change. But inwardly, there are small changes which are taking place – and this impact gets magnified as we grow older. So, for starters, visit a doctor and get a detailed health check-up.

PS: Here are the tests my sister asked me to get done:

  • Heamogram with ESR
  • Vitaman B12
  • Fasting Blood Sugar
  • Lipid Profile
  • Creatinine

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Rajesh Jain

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