Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • Using technology to turbocharge innovation in a downturn: from McKinsey Quarterly. Has a mention of Novatium.
  • The Mobile Challenge: from Union Square Ventures. “The challenge for startups (and investors!) has been identifying opportunities that are “native” to the new platforms. By “native” we mean opportunities that simply did not exist previously and cannot exist without the phone.”
  • The Nichepaper Manifesto: by Umair Haque (via Vinu).  “In the 21st century, it’s time, again for newspapers to learn how to profit with stakeholders — instead of extracting profits from them. The 21st century’s great challenge isn’t selling the same old “product” better: it’s learning to make radically better stuff in the first place. Here’s how to begin building 21st century newspapers.”
  • Open data is the future of web discovery: by Doug Sherrets.
  • MySpace is to Facebook as Twitter as to ______: by Cody Brown. “MySpace and Twitter are hugely popular for uses neither company anticipated. The mission of each company is so vague that their products are stretched and molded into a variety of different uses. Instead of targeting and building their business around one of these users they take their sudden popularity as a sign they have a killer product. They don’t.”

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