Navigating NetCore – The Past Year (Part 3)

To ramp up revenues, we pushed harder on the enterprise messaging services in both mailing and mobility. There was a lot of interest for our high-volume mailing product, and made sure our sales team pushed that harder, given that we had some unique technology advantages.

On the enterprise mobility side, we created a separate team internally to focus on our top customers, thus increasing the attention and service that we gave them. In addition, a new stream in the form of database marketing was added to the mix and helped compensate for the slowness in mobile advertising.

Although we had set our hearts and minds to being a consumer-centric company in the mobility space, we recognised that it would take time to get there. Therefore we increased focus in the short-term to using our enterprise messaging and marketing services to bridge the gap. Now, with the Digital Services Operator business, we are re-focusing on the consumer mobile space, but with a different idea (consumer pays rather than being limited only to advertiser pays).

All of our efforts over the past year have paid off well, and the burn is now a small, manageable fraction of what it was a year ago. We expect to be cashflow positive soon as a company. The next step will be to make the mobility business profitable on a standalone basis.

Continued tomorrow.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.