Blog Past: India Post: Ideas for Tomorrow

In 2003, I did a presentation on what India Post (our postal department) can do. This is what I wrote in the introduction to the presentation:

The key underlying theme of my presentation: India Post as a utility, an e-Business utility. India Post should use its ubiquitous presence across the country to build an even deeper relationship with Indians. The trust that everyone has in India Post can be leveraged to bring about the computing revolution that India truly needs.

I also wrote a 4-part imagining a day in the future of a family in Nayapur.

Nayapur is the face of the New India. As a village it may be small, but that in no way represents the aspirations of its people. Life in Nayapur has been transformed ever since India Post set up its Tech 7-11 computer and communications centre a year ago. The Nayapur Post Office has 10 computers, 3 of them multimedia-enabled. They are connected to a Server, and on to the Internet via the India Post Network. The ten client computers are no ordinary computers they are of mid-1990s vintage, Pentium class machines, running at 200-300 Mhz, with 16 /32 MB RAM, and without a hard disk, CD-ROM drive or floppy disk! Many residents of Nayapur have TV-PCs in their homes, which connect to the Server at the Post Office over wireless. The local Police Station, Panchayat office, bank, school all have similar, old diskless computers which connect wirelessly to the Post Office server for their computing and storage needs. This is the amazing story of how these old computers running open-source software with full support for local languages combined with the Will, Vision and Entrepreneurial Thinking of the India Post team to transform the lives of the residents of Nayapur. The story takes you through a day in the life of one family in Nayapur.

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