Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • Corruption in India: by Atanu Dey. “Corruption is seriously like a cancer for an economy. It eventually kills it. Like a cancer, corruption has something to do with the DNA at the cellular level of the organism…India is poor because it is corrupt. No other factor can adequately and fully explain its horrifying poverty.”
  • Disruption vs Deep Dive: by Lee Gomes in Forbes. “A Deep Dive happens when a company spends a lot of time and energy solving what at first seems to be a narrow problem but, because of the thoroughness of its answer, ends up creating new and unexpected opportunities.”
  • The Coming Energy Revolution: from Business Week. “Smart-grid technology will bring huge savings to companies as varied as Cisco, PG&E, and Cargill, and to consumers, too. But who will foot the bill?”
  • Ray Ozzie on the Real-time Wave: from TechCrunchIT. An interview by Steve Gillmor.
  • Healthcare Start-ups: from the New York Times. “The doctor’s office seems to be one of the last places not yet transformed by Web technology, but a handful of tech start-ups are trying to change that.”

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