Rajasthan Visit – Part 3

The irony is that these problems have for the most part been self-inflicted because we have allowed our rulers to systemically siphon away money. As Atanu Dey put it, “India is poor because India is corrupt.”

Rajasthan and its people are part of the other India we like to call ‘Bharat.’ We give it a different name because we want to distance ourselves from it. Traveling through some of the small towns and villages, I could not help but look at the horrific sanitation situation. I should have become immune to it after all these years, but that Bharat is still part of our country – and we cannot give up expecting better so easily.

We have been horribly wrong in the 60 years since Independence. Many of us who should be aware of the situation have removed ourselves from the realities of the country and created a happy cocoon around us. We have the resources to bring about a transformation of our nation, but it cannot be done with the class of people who get us in there.

India needs a revolution from us, its people. We haven’t yet reached that turning point yet, but some of us will reach it soon. And we will decide enough is enough. We will start taking our country back from our rulers. Then, we can start building India right, and claim to be truly an Independent democratic nation.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.