Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • Mobile Data Apocalypse: by Michael Mace. “In the last year or so, the attitude has shifted dramatically from “no one is using mobile data” to “oh my God, there’s so much demand for mobile data that it’ll destroy the network.”
  • Best Business Books of 2009: by strategy+business.
  • 10 UI Design Patterns: from Smashing Magazine (June). A bit old, but very good and relevant. “Design patterns are solutions to recurring problems. By extension, UI design patterns are solutions to common user interface problems. This article goes over 10 interesting UI design patterns that you can use in your own projects.”
  • The World in 2010: from The Economist. Always a great read.
  • The Other Education: by David Brooks (New York Times). “We pay a great deal of attention to our scholastic educations, which are formal and supervised, and we devote much less public thought to our emotional educations, which are unsupervised and haphazard. This is odd, since our emotional educations are much more important to our long-term happiness and the quality of our lives.”

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