The Largest Digital companies in India and China

It is quite amazing to see the difference between India and China’s largest digital companies. It just shows the smallness of the Indian market.

India’s largest Internet company is InfoEdge (which owns Its revenues for the last quarter (July-Sep) were Rs 55 crore (about $12 million). The largest Indian mobile VAS company, OnMobile, had revenues in the July-Sep quarter were Rs 108 crore, of which India contributed Rs 83 crore (about $18 million).

Contrast this with China’s largest digital company, Tencent. Its revenues in the previous quarter were $493 million (abut Rs 2,300 crore).

So, comparing domestic revenues, China’s largest digital company is  27 times India’s largest digital company ($493 million vs $18 million).

Something for us to think about…!

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.