The Largest Digital companies in India and China

It is quite amazing to see the difference between India and China’s largest digital companies. It just shows the smallness of the Indian market.

India’s largest Internet company is InfoEdge (which owns Its revenues for the last quarter (July-Sep) were Rs 55 crore (about $12 million). The largest Indian mobile VAS company, OnMobile, had revenues in the July-Sep quarter were Rs 108 crore, of which India contributed Rs 83 crore (about $18 million).

Contrast this with China’s largest digital company, Tencent. Its revenues in the previous quarter were $493 million (abut Rs 2,300 crore).

So, comparing domestic revenues, China’s largest digital company is  27 times India’s largest digital company ($493 million vs $18 million).

Something for us to think about…!

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.

9 thoughts on “The Largest Digital companies in India and China”

  1. I think we also need to look at the actual/factual number internet users in India vs reported/estimated/guesstimated numbers.

    Also Chinese users has not adopted to English portals as much as India has.

    I think Indian users are much more globally connected and Chinese users are in silos because of govt restriction on content/freedom of speech.

    Indian VAS revenues are also restricted bcos of the rev share dynamics and walled gardens.

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  4. Yes Rajesh, now I just saw this Tweet from eMarketer (unable retrieve original article) which says China will have 840 million Internet users by 2013, up from 396 million today ! While India I guess will be 100 million max by 2013, up from 50-60 million today. That widens the lead !

  5. Where does IRCTC ( fit into this? It has recorded online sales of 44.1 million tickets in the year 2008-2009, a 130% increase from last year, which saw sales of 18.9 million tickets. The value of the tickets has also seen a two-fold increase to Rs. 38.89 billion ($875 million) in 2008-09; last fiscal they came to Rs. 17.05 billion ($383.5 million). The highest number of tickets booked in a single day was 226,925. The website takes almost 500,000 hits daily.

  6. What about MakeMyTrip often toute as India’s Online Travel Leader? It is on track to achieve sales of INR 2500 crores (approximately US$ 500 million) in the financial year ending March 2010.

  7. We hold world’s 17.6% population and only 0.6% of IPv4 addresses. On the other side – with 19% of world’s population China has 7.2% of IPv4 addresses becoming the third after USA (48%), UK (8%).

    – Ankit

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