Since Abhishek started school (Lower KG) in July, my vacations will now have to get synchronised with his. I haven’t been much of a vacation taker – trips that Bhavana and I have made in the past have tended to be short, and mixed with business. For Abhishek, Diwali and Christmas vacations are only about 10 days, with the big vacation time in July-August.Vacations are also when Bhavana spends time at her mother’s home (in Mumbai itself) and then visits here sister in Surat. So, the Diwali and Christmas vacation days don’t leave much time for anything else. For the next twelve years, our long vacations will have to now be done during the Mumbai monsoons.

One of the vacation ideas I have been talking to Abhishek is about taking the train across the US – from New York to California. I had done that once – in 1991. It took three days, and the Chicago-Oakland stretch on the California Zephyr was an amazing experience. When Abhishek is older, it is one train journey I hope to do again.

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