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This week’s links:

  • A Big-Picture look at Google, Apple, Microsoft and Yahoo: from the New York Times. “It’s evident that Google, Microsoft, Apple, and even Yahoo are now competing in numerous different business arenas.”
  • Edge Question:”How Has The Internet Changed The Way You Think?” Answers from some of the world’s best.
  • Start-ups need to Focus: by Ed Sim. “It is always hard for a startup to enter a market with an end-to-end product positioning as most customers expect large companies to cover this territory.  What most customers expect from startups is innovation and breakthrough offerings, not end-to-end solutions. “
  • Ambedkar’a Desiderata:by Ramachandra Guha in Outlook, on India’s 60 years as a Republic. His last para is telling: “The times we live in, and the expectations engendered by them, call for leadership that is rather better than mediocre. The men and women who now rule India—whether from the centre or in the states—seem concerned, above all, with survival: the survival in his present post of an individual politician; the survival at the apex of the organisation of a particular family; the survival in government of a particular party. To plausibly and successfully redeem the ideals of the republic, however, this shall not be enough.”
  • India’s Local Newspapers: from India Knowledge@Wharton. “At a time when newspapers are folding around the world, India’s media scene is admirably buoyant. Why? Many experts give credit to the country’s burgeoning rural, local-language newspaper business…But these publications face their own growth challenges, including India’s relatively low literacy rate, poor infrastructure and the increasing penetration of television in rural areas.”

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