Japan: Tokyo Stay

As it so often happens, once you go down a certain path, circumstances help you. Meetings got set up rapidly, and I had very little time to do anything else.

The only free time I got was on one evening when I met with another friend who happened to be visiting from Hong Kong. We had last met more than five years ago, so there was a lot to talk about as we walked around Ginza and parked ourselves in one of Japan’s traditional coffee shops.

As we walked around Ginza, I went into a toy shop and did a little shopping for Abhishek. Given that his current love is fast trains (trains that travel “billions of kilometers in zero seconds”), I got him a few Shinkansen models. I also bought the board game, Go. I am looking forward to learning it and also teaching it to Abhishek so we have yet another board game option to play.

An enduring memory of the trip will be seeing Mount Fuji from the hotel on one of the mornings as I was having breakfast. It was a clear morning (quite a rarity in Tokyo, from what I was told) and Mount Fuji was visible clearly in the distance.

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Rajesh Jain

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