Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • The New Golden Age: from strategy+business. “Linchpins of the golden age will include the worldwide build-out of a new services-oriented infrastructure based on dig­ital technology and a general shift to cleaner energy and environmentally safer technologies.”
  • The Future of Web Content – HTML5, Flash & Mobile Apps: by Jeremy Allaire. “Most of the debate and discussion over HTML5 vs. Flash vs. Native Apps has little to do with what is the right technical approach, or whether something is open or closed, it has to do with the expressions of power and control that drive the businesses of the Internet’s dominant platform companies — Apple, Adobe, Google and Microsoft.”
  • The Tea Party Movement: from The Atlantic. A look at the activism that has grown in the US over the past year. Can something similar be done in India?
  • From Sampurna Swaraj to Sampurna Azadi: The Unfinished Agenda: A talk by CK Prahala. “We have to “reimagine politics and governance” as it is practiced in India. We have to address the issues before us – corruption, separatism and inequality by working to change the circumstances that create them.”
  • Our Greatest Weapon: by Atanu Dey. “Our weapon is knowledge. Our challenge is to wield our weapon with ruthless efficiency. We have to bring out into the open all that the government has hidden from public view.”

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