Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • 5 Innovative Online Business Models: Woot,Groupon, Hotwire, Blippy, Dubli.
  • Platform Shifts: by Don Dodge, on why leaders fail to make the shift.
  • Fragmentation in Mobiles: by Rich Wong. “The smartest entrepreneurs will not wait for these fragmentation issues to be solved but are figuring out now how to pick a use case, a core platform, and geography to bound their problem and get going.”
  • The New Rules of War: from Foreign Policy. “Every day, the U.S. military spends $1.75 billion, much of it on big ships, big guns, and big battalions that are not only not needed to win the wars of the present, but are sure to be the wrong approach to waging the wars of the future.”
  • The Future of Money: from Wired. “It’s Flexible, Frictionless and (Almost) Free.”

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