Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • The Scary New Rich: From Newsweek. “The global middle class is more unstable and less liberal than we thought.”
  • Building a Better Teacher: from The New York Times Sunday Magazine. “When Doug Lemov conducted his own search for those magical ingredients, he noticed something about most successful teachers that he hadn’t expected to find: what looked like natural-born genius was often deliberate technique in disguise.”
  • Role of Data in the Mobile Future: by Tomi Ahonen. “Like Alan Moore says, this is why mobile phone user data is the ‘new black gold of the 21st century‘.”
  • Top 50 VC-backed Companies: from Wall Street Journal.
  • Reflections on India: by Sean Paul Kelley. Brutally frank. “I’ll start with what I think are India’s four major problems–the four most preventing India from becoming a developing nation.”

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