The 4:40 am Alarm

One of my New Year Resolutions was to re-start my daily walk. It had stopped since last August – and I always found reasons to not wake up early in the morning to go for the walk. As so often happens, a New Year offers the chance for a New Beginning – even though logically speaking, it is just another day of another month.

Since Abhishek wakes up at 6 am, I have to finish my walk and be back home by then. So, I worked it backwards and figured I’d have to walk up at 4:40 am. For the most few days, it was tough — it just seemed an unearthly time to wake up. Now, nearly three months on, I have gotten used to it. One change I’ve had to make is to ensure that I go to sleep by about 10 pm.

I like the morning walks in near darkness. No people or no distractions. So, it gives the mind a free run. That kind of uninterruped time is hard to get nowadays!

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.