Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • Why South Korea has the fastest Internet connections: from CNN.”In the 1990s, South Korea set a priority that it would be a highly connected country with a high degree of Internet literacy.” Talk of vision!
  • Why bring your child doesn’t work: from Slate. “The difference between bribing your child and rewarding your child.”
  • Developing countries and non-linear Innovation: from Forbes. “In developing nations, where investment is scarce and markets are smaller, we don’t have the luxury of innovating at every turn.”
  • The ongoing data revolution: by Ed Sim. “The question is who will create the next great back-end technologies and new web services that drive a whole new conversation and new way of thinking about what we do with the data that is around everywhere.”
  • Cashflow: A Fred Wilson tutorial. “Cash flow is the amount of cash your business either produces or consumes in a given period, typically a month, quarter, or year. You might think that is the same as the profit of the business, but that is not correct for a bunch of reasons.”

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