Blog Past: Letter to a 4-year-old

Starting tomorrow, I will be writing my annual Letter to Abhishek as his birthday (April 19)  nears. This is from the letter I wrote last year:

Your fourth year has been an absolute delight – for you and for us, your parents. You are now so full of life, questions and comments on everything.  Every moment is to be enjoyed – with no care of what is to come. Every day is to be lived fully – from early in the morning (sometimes, too early) to late  into the night.

You interact with the world on your own terms. You now lock the door when you go to the bathroom. You have memorised my mobile number and call me whenever you feel like – mostly to ask me if I have seen one of your missing toys. You navigate through Google Images with ease to identify your favourite cars for printouts which you neatly file away in a folder. You interact with the TV and DVD player with an ease that is a little scary! In short, that little Abhi who lay in bed helpless four years ago is now getting ready for the world.

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Rajesh Jain

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