Weekend Reading

This weekend’s links:

  • Five Must-Ask Interview Questions: from The Wall Street Journal. One of them: “What’s the toughest feedback you’ve ever received and how did you learn from it?”
  • From Hopes and Dreams to The Real Thing: by Fred Wilson. “One of the most interesting things to watch and learn from, as an entrepreneur or investor in entrepreneurs, is what happens when you go from hopes and dreams to the real thing.”
  • Social TV: from Technology Review. “Marie-José Montpetit, an invited scientist at MIT’s Research Lab for Electronics, has been working for sev­eral years on social TV—a way to seam­lessly combine the social networks that are boosting TV ratings with the more passive experience of tradi­tional TV viewing.”
  • Government as a Platform: A book by Tim O’Reilly. “Government 2.0, then, is the use of technology—especially the collaborative technologies at the heart of Web 2.0—to better solve collective problems at a city, state, national, and international level.”
  • Deliberative Democracy: from The Economist. “Democracy is about discussion, not just voting.”

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