Exploring Mumbai by Bus

Thanks to Abhishek, I have been seeing many parts of Mumbai that I never explored during my four decades of living here. Like, the other day, we took 135 and went to Ferry Wharf. And the time we took 63 and went to Chunnabhatti. Many of these places were just signages on buses — now there is something more that I can associate with them.

Our travels are mostly on weekend mornings. Abhishek wakes up early and has a reasonable idea of where he wants to go — having done some of the homework on this excellent IIT site (which presently seems to be down for maintenance). The BEST’s own site will, hopefully, have a better, updated and more interactive route network soon.

Bus rides are fun. They are the cheapest form of sight-seeing. Besides, the bus routes are a good initial collection for a kid to learn and memorise! In addition, for me, they bring up memories from my teenage years – going by 81 to school and college, and returning by 122, for one.

Abhishek’s vacations have just started. Hopefully, we will doing more of the bus travelling. After all, his current goal in life is to become a bus manager, so “he can change the routes.”

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Rajesh Jain

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