East and South-East Asia Travels

I have travelled a lot in the East Asian region. Besides the many visits to HK and Singapore, I have been to Taiwan (Taipei), Thailand (Bangkok and Phuket), South Korea (Seoul), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) and China (Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen).  Most of the visits have always combined some sort of business. This time, it will be different. When I think about it, I have never really experienced a week-long work-free vacation!

East Asia’s proximity to India make it a natural travel destination. An overnight flight and one is there. It is much more cost-efficient than a European vacation. The weather is better than the Middle-East (Dubai). And there is plenty to see and shop – though the shopping lure has come down dramatically with the advent of malls in India.

India needs to make itself much more attractive to tourists – there is so much on offer, but the packaging and the ease of travel experience (airports, roads, moderately priced hotels) can do with a lot more improvement.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.