Flip Video Camcorder

I had my cousin get the Flip Video Camcorder for $150 from the US, and it is terrific. I bought it based on Atanu’s recommendation. Recording is so easy that even Abhishek has started using it!(Flip was acquired by Cisco a year or so ago.)

I am not much into taking photos or recording videos. But with Abhishek growing up and a summer vacation ahead, I figured having a camcorder handy would be a good idea. The Nokia E71 quality is not that great, and transferring videos to the PC requires the use of the cable and PC Suite. In the case of the Flip, the USB is inbuilt, and the PC app is nice and simple to use. Beside, the quality is superb.So, look forward to using it on the HK-China trip.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.