How China’s Leaders Think

That is the title of a book by Robert Kuhn I saw and bought at Hong Kong Airport. It is a book that should be read by us in India, and especially those in power in India. Here is an brief about the book:

China impacts everyone—an economic superpower competing in every arena of human endeavor. Here are those who run China, its current and future leaders. Here’s how China’s leaders think about China’s growing global strength—in trade, business and finance; in diplomacy, defense and security; in science, technology and innovation; in culture, media and sports—and what this all means for the future of the world. Here also are China’s leaders in economics, private business, state-owned enterprises, banking, foreign affairs, military, healthcare, religion, film, television, press, Internet, literature, ideology, and more.

Robert Lawrence Kuhn speaks with over 100 Chinese leaders and has inner access to Communist Party officials and material. He focuses on President Hu Jintao’s philosophies and policies, and looks to the next generation of China’s leaders. Who are China’s future leaders? What are they doing today? What’s their way of thinking about China’s place in the world? What about prospects for democracy and political reform? Is there a road map for political reform?

Political leadership and policies make the difference in outcomes on how countries develop. In the late 1970s, both India and China were in similar economic brackets. Today, one country has leapt forward – and is on a trajectory to continue growing faster. Reading the book can perhaps help us understand what we in India lack and need to do. Just because we have a growth rate of 8.5-9% again doesn’t mean that we can afford to sit around complacent. There’s more to be done at every level- and quickly.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.