Blog Past: NetCore’s DSO Business

From a blog post a year ago on the Digital Services Operator idea (which we launched via MyToday recently):

The Digital Services Operator idea has been something I have talked about on many occasions in the past. (I used to call it the VAS Operator.) It basically combines three things – a direct-to-consumer reach on the mobile and Internet, a payment/billing relationship which creates a cash balance, and an open publishing platform for services across multiple bearer channels (Net, email, SMS, MMS, voice).

While mobile operators have done a phenomenal job in capitalising on a variety of value-added services (caller ringback tones, voice portals, content downloads, SMS subscriptions, premium SMS) to create a Rs 5,000 crore marketplace in India, there is much greater potential for this business in India.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.