Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • CK Prahalad Interview: from strategy+business. A tribute to the management guru. “In interviews conducted before his untimely death, C.K. Prahalad — the sage of core competencies and the bottom of the pyramid — looked back on his career and talked about the way ideas evolve.”
  • Right to Food in India: from the New York Times. “India’s eight poorest states have more people in poverty — an estimated 421 million — than Africa’s 26 poorest nations.” Shouldn’t we be holding our leaders accountable for this? Instead we keep voting them back to power.
  • Foundation elements for business: by Seth Godin. “The goal is to build these elements into the very nature of the business itself, not just to tack them on.” (via Vinu)
  • 10 tech-enabled business trends: from McKinsey Quarterly. “Advancing technologies and their swift adoption are upending traditional business models. Senior executives need to think strategically about how to prepare their organizations for the challenging new environment.”
  • Pricing Models: by Seth Levine. “Beware of too many pricing tiers. Relative simplicity is helpful in many things related to building companies and pricing models are no exception.”

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