42 to 43: Part 4

The past year saw Abhishek start his formal schooling – LKG, and moving to HKG a couple weeks ago. School has opened him up a lot. It has reduced the time we get to spend together on weekdays since he has to sleep by 8 pm, and I only get home on most days by 7:15-7:30 pm. He is also much more independent – lost in his world of trains, autos, cars, taxis and buses, and of course the obligatory TV watching in the evening. I look forward to the time we get together. There is much he has to talk – and question, and increasingly, comment on.

The political endeavour that I have – to bring about political and policy change in India by 2014 – has been growing slow on the execution front. But there is much that has happening on the thinking side. The past year has been disappointing as we give the impression of a nation adrift – at a time when there is a need for decisive action. For the most part, India has been let down by its political leadership – who in turn have been elected by we, the people. India needs a dramatic change if we are to fulfill the potential of a growing youth population and bring hundreds of millions out of poverty.

The one thing I have had to drop from my list of activities is investing in early-stage companies. I stopped because I do not have the time to spend with them, given the time that NetCore needs.

Continued tomorrow.

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