Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • The Vanishing Line between Books and Internet:  by Hugh McGuire. “What is a book, but a website that happens to be written on paper and not connected to the Web?”
  • How the Tea Party organises without leaders: from the National Journal. “ In American politics, radical decentralization has never been tried on so large a scale.”
  • The Day After Tomorrow: by David Brooks. “I hope that as Arthur Brooks and Paul Ryan lead a resurgent conservatism, they’ll think about the limited-but-energetic government tradition, which stands between Barry Goldwater and François Mitterrand, but at the heart of the American experience.” India too needs a limited-but-energetic government.
  • What holds India back: by Atanu Dey. “Hubris and ignorance among the powerful is a potently destructive mix and a sure recipe for disaster. The outcome is the disaster we see today. They set up the command-control-license-permit-quota raj. It is the best way known to humanity to retard economic development.”
  • India: Fast Growth Does Not Mean a Strong Economy: by Derek Scissors (Heritage Foundation). “It turns out India’s recovery from the crisis is partly illusory—its growth is not sustainable and is not creating broad prosperity.” (via Rajeev)

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