Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • Friedman on China: in the New York Times. ““How can you compete with a country that is run like a company?” an Indian entrepreneur at the forum asked me of China.”
  • Debacle in New Delhi: by Sadanand Dhume in Foreign Policy on the Commowealth Games mess. The point to note: “The Indian middle class — at best, 300 million people out of a population of 1.1 billion — may not have the numbers to decide elections, but it needs to demand a greater say in the country’s governance. This means finding ways to translate its economic muscle into political clout.”
  • TIME magazine cover on the Tea Party: An interesting point that we could perhaps use in India – “Off-year primary elections tend to turn out just a fraction of the electorate, making establishment candidates vulnerable to even small popular movements.”
  • The Pen that never Forgets: from the New York Times. On the Livescribe. “One of the most complete ways to document what is said in class is to make an audio record: all 150-plus words a minute can be captured with no mental effort on the part of the student.”
  • Mobile in Retail: by Tomi Ahonen. ” Lets look at the real bricks-and-mortar retail establishments. What is the role of mobile to them?”

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