A Tale of Security at Two Grand Hyatts

There is a Grand Hyatt no more than a mile or two from where the US President stays, right in the heart of Washington. My taxi was not stopped to be scanned by mirrors. The taxi doors were not opened for examination of the glove compartments. I did not have my baggage passed through scanners. I did not have to empty my pockets of all metallic objects and then pass through a metal detector. I did then have to be frisked. I did not have to go through this process each time I entered the hotel. This is probably true of every hotel in the US.

Then, there is a Grand Hyatt in Mumbai at Kalina. What I describe here is probably true of every 5-star hotel in India. The car is stopped at the entrance, and scanned (and in the process, creates a jam on the road at busy hours). The bags are passed through baggage scanners. I have to remove my mobile and pass it through the same scanner. I am then frisked. I have to go through this process each time I enter the hotel.


Even malls in India now make one go through metal detectors, frisking, checking of one’s carry-on bags and purses. Why? I have not seen security checkpoints at any US malls.


Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.