Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • Social Networking Presentation: by Paul Adams. A great read.Deep insights into how the offline and online works meld together.
  • The Social Network Movie Review: byLawrence Lessig. “What’s important here is that Zuckerberg’s genius could be embraced by half-a-billion people within six years of its first being launched, without (and here is the critical bit) asking permission of anyone. The real story is not the invention. It is the platform that makes the invention sing.” (via Atanu)
  • Facebook in Five Years can be bigger than Google: by Adam Rifkin on Techcrunch. “Facebook’s second-mover advantage affords the company the luxury of offering both types of Internet money-making product: Advertising and Commerce.”
  • The Tea Party Tradition: an excerpt from a new book by Daniel Hannan in the National Review. “Grassroots movements can do things politicians and think tanks can’t.”
  • Innovation in India: Technology Review profiles 35 Indian innovators under 35 years. 

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