Down Memory Lane

It happened quite literally to me. I had gone to Metro and was walking down one of the side roads near St. Xavier’s High School and College. And I saw Raj Mahal, the restaurant. Long forgotten, it was a place I used to frequent while at school every once in a while.  And so for old time’s sake, I went in, sat in the seemingly unchanged restaurant, and ordered a Bread Pakoda. It was almost going back in time three decades!

As I walked on that lane, I came across the Second Hand Bookshop. That lane was full of bookshops, from what I remembered – old and new books. (The other good place for buying used books was on the street at Fountain.) And as I went inside and browsed some of the books, I came across the Indian History section, and picked up two books on India written in the 1960s for about Rs 60 apiece.

Memories have a funny way of coming back!

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.