Mohan: The Strong Man (A Play in 5 Parts) – Part 1

Note: A friend of mine sent me this. He doesn’t have a blog, and doesn’t want to be identified. It was too good not to publish. Of course, I have to add a few disclaimers. One, I support the BJP (“lighter shades of grey”) and am not a fan of the Congress. Second, all references to people you think you can identify are purely coincidental.

A November morning in Delhi. Mohan is sleeping. His secretary enters.

Mohan Secy: Sir, there is a phone call coming on the 2G network.

Mohan: Go away, let me sleep.

Mohan Secy: Sir, it is Madam.

Mohan: Oh. Why didn’t you wake me up earlier? Madam gets upset if I don’t answer the phone in one ring.

Mohan takes the phone quickly.

Mohan: Yes, MadamGG.

Madam: Mohan, I am reading this SMS that just came in. “The Prime Minister finally breaks his silence: The only 2G I know is SoniaG and RahulG.” How can you say such a thing?

Mohan: But, MadamGG….

Madam: You know, we only talk on 4G Networks. How could you forget PriyaG and RobG?

Mohan: Sorry, MadamGG.

Madam: So, what do you propose to do about it?

Mohan: MadamGG, I can ban all SMS like we did during Ayodha time. That worked very well.

Madam (angrily): Mohan, I am not talking about the SMS. I am talking of the 2G Scam.

Mohan: MadamGG, no one will ever find you and RahuGG got the money. I have erased all the entries in my…

Madam has put the phone down.

Mohan: MadamGG? MadamGGG?? MadamGGGG? What did I say wrong?

Continued tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “Mohan: The Strong Man (A Play in 5 Parts) – Part 1”

  1. Hahaha ROFL, Good one Sonia G n Rahul G hahaha
    but Mr. Jain don’t you think that despite of writing a disclaimer (Note: A friend of mine sent me this.) you are like inviting trouble for yourself?
    But bloody hell where did the 1.76 LAKH CORORE go?

  2. Hahaha!! Look forward to the remaining 4 parts!

    On a serious note, I sincerely believe this is just the start for congresses downfall. Come 2011 I guarantee you it will start falling apart internally and fragment badly!!!

    More then the size of the problems its the way things have been transpiring for them the past 3 months, it ought to be internal rivalry that is getting things so out of control for madam and co. who would have thought that she would be faced with something that is relentlessly checking all her / their moves, its uncanny.

    I hope BJP gets its act together by next year and for the love of god have someone of the stature of
    Vajpayee as Mr. Advani just doesn’t hack it, no one takes him seriously.

    Disclaimer: Never believed in Mahatma Gandhi’s ideology and the congress too for that matter.

    Next year would be filled with fireworks in the political arena.

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