Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • 2011 Consumer Internet Predictions: by Jeremy Liew of Lightspeed Partners.
  • Founder Control: by Paul Graham. Knowing that founders will keep control of the board may even help VCs pick better. If they know they can’t fire the founders, they’ll have to choose founders they can trust. And that’s who they should have been choosing all along.”
  • NYTimes on GE: “Leadership by fiat when done in moderation, Mr. Immelt says, can drive change and set a course. “I think that if you run a big company, you’ve got to four or five times a year, just say, ‘Hey team, look, here’s where we’re going,’ ” he says. “If you do it 10 times, nobody wants to work for you. If you do it zero times, you have anarchy.””
  • World in 2011: from the Economist
  • India’s 2nd-generation Reforms: Pragati asks where they are.

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