2010-11: Looking Back, Looking Forward – Part 9

On the Personal front, there are three things I want to do: continue my travels so that my learning and deep thinking continues, continue my writing because this is where I clarify my own thought, and further deepen my study of India’s past and understand what the future can be because it is that dream that we need to bring alive in the coming years.

All of this will mean making good use of Time. That is one resource we cannot change. I will also need to ensure we set up good teams of people both in NetCore and on the Political front so we can amplify what we do and make things happen faster. These are personal challenges for me!

At home, Abhishek will be 6 years in April. He will transition from Higher KG to First standard in July. His school hours will increase by an additional two hours daily. And hopefully, he will learn to read rather than stick to doing pattern recognition on words! Abhishek has much more of his life now. Bhavana and I have helped put his foundation together, and he now needs to build on that. I like to explore new things with him, and I hope to do more of that in the year. The one hour we get every morning from 6-7 am is something I treasure.

Continued tomorrow.

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