An Egypt in India?

Tavleen Singh writes in Indian Express: “Those of our political leaders who have paid attention to the protests in Tahrir Square must be spending sleepless nights. Not because a floodgate of public rage is about to burst open in Delhi or Mumbai but because the reasons for the rage are so familiar to us who live in the proudly democratic republic of India. Allow me to list a few similarities. Open loot of public money. Political leaders who become fabulously rich while ordinary people remain horribly poor. Dynastic succession. In our case this idea has roots so deep and wide that there is almost not a single political party that is not a family business. Then, as in most despotic Arab countries, we have followed economic policies that have created a small super-rich elite while the majority of our people live on less than $2 a day. And, just like Egypt we have a huge population of young people most of whom will move to cities and towns in the next twenty years.”

Vinod Mehta asks in Outlook: “The injustices the protesters at Tahrir Square are raging about—corruption, no jobs, rising prices, appalling governance—are rampant in our blessed land. The tribal population of India, over three times the size of Egypt’s total population, lives daily with hardships ten times worse than those faced by the aam aadmi in Cairo…Supposing, 2,00,000 of our citizens march into Jantar Mantar demanding regime change or immediate redressal of their grievances, how will the Indian state respond?”

So, can an Egypt happen in India? My answer is No. We are a society that didn’t even throw out the colonialists. Why then should we bother about oppressors of our own ilk? Let British Raj 2.0 continue. Of course, we must vent feelings out once in a while, but other than that, we are happy to let the looting, scamming, divide-and-rule continue. Imperial rule is our tradition.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.