Thank You, Uncle Pai

The creator of Amar Chitra Katha and Tinke, ‘Uncle’ Anant Pai, passed away last week.

My earliest memories of my childhood include going out with my parents to buy ACK every fortnight. I had every comic that was published, and still have most of them. ACK was how many of my generation learnt about Indian history, culture and mythology. Tinkle came when I was much older, and so never stuck the same chord that ACK had. Now, Supandi’s antics delight another generation – 6-year-old Abhishek.

When I launched IndiaWorld in March 1995, we had a special section for a few ACK comics. That was the time I met Uncle Pai, and he most graciously agreed to let us put the comics on the website. I met him many more times after that, and was always touched by his enthusiasm and humility. His was a life well-lived.

Thank You, Uncle Pai.

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Rajesh Jain

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8 thoughts on “Thank You, Uncle Pai”

  1. Uncle Pai is a legend. He has accomplished what our so-called government has failed to. Pass on the rich cultural legacy to a newer generation. I hope ACK Media keeps up the good work and moves on to newer media.

  2. I grew up on Tinkle Comics. The best birthday gift from one of my aunts was a yearly subscription in my name at an early age. After that my connection continued for another decade. As I went on reading those stories of supandi, kalia, shambu shikari, I realised that though these stories are light and funny, it surely helps you improve your knowledge and reading skills. But I really don’t see Gennext showing any keen interest in that treasure lying in my store room till date.

  3. I echo the sentiments here. and IMHO, Uncle Pai is nothing short of a legend.

  4. @ Naufil dont get disheaterned. i have started handing out tinkle etc to my 6 year old son. i guess its in our hands to start them early.

  5. i have no words how uncle pai touched the heart of then generation god bless

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